Changing The Way We Watch Sports
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The internet has changed the way we do a lot of things, and has changed almost every pass time we've ever had. Books and magazines have now largely been replaced by quick Google searches, and music is something we now download online and doesn't usually involve a physical disk of any kind. And now television has begun going the same way. For a while it's been possible to find films online, but now it's also possible to stream television episodes and events directly from the internet.

This has gained popularity more and more, and it's more prevalent than ever when it comes to watching sports. For example, the ability to watch NHL online is something that many people now take advantage of, and a lot of people seem to watch it on a regular basis this way. It only makes sense that the ability to watch NHL online would be so successful when you consider the unusual times that sports are often shown, as well as the fact that you often need to have Sky channels installed or Cable and that you need to pay for specific channels or pay for large one off fees. This means that for many it simply wouldn't be possible to watch NHL if it wasn't for the ability to watch NHL online.

But how does the ability to watch NHL online, and other sports, change the way we consume the medium? Well in quite a few ways it changes it for the better, and by allowing us to have access to it at all times for free, it means that we can better support our teams and enjoy the games in a variety of formats.

In the past if you had to pay for the privilege to watch NHL games and if they were broadcast live at unusual times, it would force you to plan your day around the ability to watch those games. You would normally only choose the very big games this way and would invite friends around to split the bill and usually have some beers. This creates a fun atmosphere, but it's not something you can practically do for every game, which meant you would only be hearing about most game results through second hand sources and after the fact. Now however it's possible to have it running in the background on the computer for free, meaning that you can watch most games. It's even possible now to watch games on the go thanks to the way all technology is now becoming smaller and smarter. If you have a smart phone then for example that has a browser supporting the video format, it's possible to watch the game, or even just listen to the scores anywhere and at any time ? for example while on the commute to work, or on long train journeys. This way you can be a true fan and can catch all of your teams games as they happen. The way we view hockey and other sports is likely to change more in the future, but right now this is the best way to get your fix.